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fansite and museum

A Middle earth action figure community

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Question: Where are you from? 

Angel: I'm from xalapa, veracruz mexico

Question: What is your art background?

Angel:  To date, I am self taught.

Question: Tell us about your inspiration for the diorama. Why was it made?

Angel:  There were two factors that influenced the creation of the cited piece: the first for which the diorama was consented was as a result of the inspiration in the charge of the Mumakil, trying to capture the epicity that encapsulates the scene, and the second and larger inspiration was from the play along figures (armies of the middle earth) that have the exact measure to make large dioramas.

Question: What is the size of the diorama scene? Also, the size of the Oliphant itself?

Angel:  The measurement of the figure is 66 cm (length) x 70cm (height) and the diorama measures 120 cm (length) x 85 cm (height).

Question:  What was your base figure for the Mumakil?

Angel:  It is made from various recycled materials and epoxy paste.

Question:  Can you tell us the process for making the Mumakil itself? What materials and processes were used?

Angel:  The oliphant figure was made from recycled material such as wood, newspaper, cloth, chains, matches and has a metal frame and epoxy plasticine for the skin and acrylic paint. Regarding the creation process, it was made with a wooden base to stabilize it, together with a metal structure to reinforce the piece, the other elements were added to give volume and textures to the animal. as far as the basket is concerned, it was assembled together with the piece from the inside (not removable The paint work on the walls blend well with the figures. 

Question: Did you plan to do this from the beginning, or was the mural added as it all came together.

Angel:  The paint job on the walls was planned from the beginning to show it although the main idea is to make a diorama of the battle of pelennor in scale (play along) so it is practically a set that would eventually join a full diorama.

Question:  How long did the project take to complete?

Angel:  Due to work reasons, I could not dedicate much time to it, but I invested approximately one year with the help of my brother in finishing everything.

Question: Have you done any other Lord of the Rings customs?

Angel: Yes, I have more customization work on the lord of the rings for various characters and factions, but I have focused on fine-tuning details on Uruk Hai and rahirrim. I am currently working on a new piece from oliphant, with more accurate details regarding the scale and functionality of the piece.

Question: How can fans reach you?

Angel: You can reach me here on facebook 


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