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In our next installment of MEGA COLLECTORS, I speak with the infamous and elusive ERYGOO from LOTR Universe.

If you haven't seen his YouTube videos, you must have been hiding in a hobbit hole. He has done great things for the LOTR community, and deserves recognition. 

He is also a fellow Prototype collector. There are a few in his collection that I’m very jealous of.

Please visit his YouTube channel, and show this Aussie some love.

Donnie: First off. How many Helm’s deep Gimli’s do you own?

Tony: I own 4 HDG.

Donnie: Do you remember the first figure you bought?

Tony: Yes, it was a few. Fellowship Green Half-Moon Gimli Gandalf and Strider.

Donnie: What gave you the drive to collect every piece?

Tony: I am a completest that’s my drive.

Donnie: Did you have any challenges along the way? Like lack of a full checklist? Foreign exclusives? etc.

Tony: In the beginning I was able to just find what was in stores locally. After a while I realized that I’m missing a few and I need to find them overseas, because of exclusives and so on. Then eBay kicked in and you know the rest of the story. lol

Donnie: What is your favorite Toy Biz figure?

Tony: I don’t have a favorite figure to be honest, but if I was forced to choose one it would have to be the Fellowship of the Ring 9 pack. Especially with the cloth cloaks.

Donnie: Did you expect the insanity that the YouTube videos caused for future collectors?

Tony: When I decided to show my collection to the world it was to connect with fellow collectors and inspire others I do not think I made that much of an impact but I tried my best with the tools I had at that time

Donnie: What are your thoughts on the new Amazon series?

Tony: My thoughts are, I wasn't impressed with the hobbit line the way it finished. I feel they didn’t care about the consumers, us collectors which I believe are the bread and butter for these toy company’s. Without us they don’t exist. So in saying all that, I don’t have high hopes but we will just have to wait and see.

Donnie: What do you think of the current, and future state of LOTR collecting?

Tony: Ever since you introduced me to the LOTR world on Facebook, it’s given me hope that the collecting community is not dead and still very much thriving. I know its not on the Star Wars scale of course, but enough to keep it going until new Middle-earth movies launch.