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Welcome to the first EVER Lord of the Rings Toy Hub! Find every bit of history on the the toys that we love!




  • The figures have basic articulation with movable arms and swivel heads and varied from about 3 inches to almost over 7" in height.

  • Most of the figures come with accessories. Gollum being the lone wolf. These swords, scabbards, axes and shields are the most difficult parts to find in order to complete your collection. Most of these sell for more than the figures now. Recently(2020), a sword and scabbard for Samwise/Frodo sold for nearly $200 alone.

  • The hardest figures to acquire are the horses. Even loose example complete with the saddle, reigns and accessories price over at over $500. Carded examples from $1000 up depending on condition.


  • Aragorn

  • Frodo

  • Samwise

  • Gandalf

  • Ringraith

  • Gollum

  • Frodo's Horse

  • Charger of the Wraith


  • Typically Cards bends due to thin material

  • Bubbles will yellow, and tend to release from card.

  • Mold has been found on Gandalf's hat.

  • Paint applications can be spotty. Look for imperfections if you want high grade. These are more difficult to find.

  • Loose example of horse's should be checked for cracks. Particularly Frodo's horse tends to snap at lower to mid shin.

  • Frodo's horse tends to discolor with direct light due to the materials and process used to manufacture him. Finding a bright white example is near impossible.

  • Frodo's Horse stirrups(where his feet go) tend to break off.

  • Gandalf's beard will also discolor and turn yellow. This factors in with grading, and for serious collectors its a must to find a white example.

  • The reins and saddles will tend to get brittle if not cared for..

  • There are reproductions of the accessories out there, so make sure they are original by comparing them to known examples.

Broken stirrup example on Frodo'd Horse

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Yellowing and typical leg break.

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Yellowing and typical leg break.

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Yellowing to beard

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