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Screenshot_2020-05-31 Lord of the Rings

Welcome to the first EVER LOTR Hub! Find every bit of history on the the toys that we love!

Screenshot_2020-05-31 Lord of the Rings


Play Along Toys released a world of action figures under the name Armies of middle Earth(AOME) from 2003-2006. The license was specifically for small scale figures at about the height of 2.5". These figures are battle scaled and in set poses.

With the addition of playsets, and near 200 different characters and poses, an entire world could finally be achieved. Fans built impressive siege scenes and battles. These smaller scaled offerings allowed for less storage , and a wider view of the land of Middle-earth.

Play Along worked along side Gentle Giant Studios the same way that Toy Biz had, only in this case, GG controlled the entire sculpting phase. Sculptor Michael Norman whom worked on the Toy Biz Sauron and many other characters, also sculpted loads of AOME figures. The incredible detail, and likeness of the prototypes is almost unbelievable. Of course, the finished product is amazing as well. These are a must have for any die hard Lord of the Rings toy collector.

"We are excited to bring the world of Lord of the Rings to consumers, and are determined to make all action figures and accessories just as magical for fans as the film," said Rick Watkins, Senior VP of Product Development.


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