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The debut release of Boromir as an individually packaged figure did not occur until the line transitioned from the Fellowship of the Ring Green Half Moon packaging to the Two Towers Red Half Moon packaging.

Prior to this, the only way to obtain the character was through the FOTR Green Twin Pack that included Boromir and Lurtz, and later within the FOTR Green Deluxe Gift Pack which featured all the characters that made up the fellowship.


When it came time for Boromir to be released as part of the individual assortment, rather than being widely distributed, the distribution of this core character would only be made exclusive initially to the Australian market which was served by Funtastic. Far from a large distribution, the Australian market is believed to have only received approximately 500 units.


The figure was packaged in the Red Half Moon box under the Fellowship of the Ring series. The packaging aside, what was unique to this version of Boromir was the inclusion of the new dagger accessory packaged with the figure.


At some point during the release of the Red Half Moon assortments, received an estimated 300 units of this Boromir and made him available as part of a Two Towers bundle to their global customer base.

Needless to say, Boromir in the Red Half Moon packaging is incredibly uncommon. It could also be argued that the immediate attention that the Red Half Moon Helm’s Deep Gimli commanded at the time, left poor Boromir relegated.  It is probable more Boromir found themselves being opened than would have occurred with the Helm’s Deep Gimli.


Fast forward to today, one would not be wrong in estimating that the number of surviving Red Half Moon Boromir would be equal to that of the Helm’s Deep Gimli.  Making this figure one of the most sought after in the entire collection.


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