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Arwen with Light-Up Evenstar and Wounded Frodo Asfaloth with Galloping Action


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Exclusive to Germany, and limted release to United Kingdom.

With the release of the basic action figure assortment, Toy Biz also offered up the Deluxe Horse and Rider sets for the Fellowship of the Ring that would be packaged in the Green box. The initial assortment would consist Arwen and Asfaloth and Ringwraith and Horse.


The Deluxe Horse and Rider assortment was further expanded with the release of the Two Towers. With the new movie, the packaging was changed from Green, to the new Red in line with the Two Towers movie. During this period, while the Deluxe Horse and Rider assortments were being released, one obvious omission was present. There was no Arwen and Asfaloth to be found in this Red packaging.


As was later to be discovered with the Red Half Moon Helm's Deep Gimli and Boromir, a similar fate would befall the Arwen and Asfaloth distribution, but this time it would be specific to Europe and in far fewer units.


Approximately 300 units are claimed to have been released. To this day it is unknown why this was limited. After all it was simply a repackaging of the FOTR Green box version. The availability was also only made through a few online retailers and was limited to only Germany, and in some cases the United Kingdom.


All Red boxed versions of Arwen and Asfaloth have at least one side that is double taped, indicating that they were opened at a factory to possibly correct something.  All have a PVC sticker on the outside and inside of the box as is commonly found other releases seen in Germany.


To suggest the Arwen and Asfaloth in Red box is uncommon is a complete understatement.  To date it is the rarest and most sought after item in the entire Toy Biz LOTR line.


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