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Light-Up Eyes and Authentic Sound and Action!

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As shown in Toy Biz 2002 Catalog. 'BALROG with Real Light-Up Eyes.  Authentic "Balrog" Scream from the Movie. Sword-Slashing Action and Fire Whip Action'.


"with Sword-Slashing Action".

"with Whipping Action".

"with Jaw-Opening Action".

The mighty Balrog was on the list of every collector following the release of The Fellowship of the Ring. Toy Biz teased that they were in development of the Balrog in early 2002. It was advertised, and also in the Toy Biz 2002 Toy Fair catalog

Toy Biz had many hurdles to overcome during the concept and pre-production stages. This lead to a long delay of nearly 2 years. During that time, the research and development team was able to create a prototype that had a moving jaw function, and roaring sound effect. This was controlled by a motion sensor. The Balrog would have be a mean and imposing 14" fire breathing monster.

Toy Biz tried repeatedly, to make a Balrog that would do justice to the character while still meeting the demands of retail stores regarding price and shelf space. A major obstacle unleashing the Balrog to retail was the price point. 

Retailers balked at nearly every attempt Toy Biz made effectively killing the idea. 

It wasn't until many years later that NECA stepped in and delivered their version of of the Balrog, at a price near $120. They bypassed the retailers completely, selling them through online retailers. He was packaged in a plain brown shipping box to keep cost down.

Sadly for Toy Biz collectors, and what would have been the must have toy of the line, the Balrog was never released, but made it as far as a hard copy stage, before being cancelled by Toy Biz.