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Conceptual Phase

  • The Three Rings Project

  • A Doll line

  • Accessory Packs

  • Gorbag

  • Grima Wormtongue

  • Nazgul Variants

  • Peregrine Took

  • Shagrat

Control Art Phase

  • Aragorn

  • Boromir

  • Eowyn

  • King Theoden

  • Mouth of Sauron

  • Samwise

  • Shelob

  • Treebeard

  • Warg

  • Pippin

  • Ugluk Ver 2

Sculpture Phase

  • Elrond (complete prototype sculpted)

  • Hill Trolls (complete prototype sculpted)

  • Legolas (partially sculpted)

  • Saruman (complete prototype sculpted)

  • Tom Bombadil (partially sculpted)

Ugluk Version 2



Pippen On The Trail - With pack, stick, hobbit cloak, blanket, water bottle

Pippen In The Barrows - With circlet, gold chains, barrow sword, barrow shield

Pippen At Elrond's Council - With sword, belt, scabbard, shield, dagger, dagger sheath, jacket, Elrond's cloak

Pippen At Galadriel's - With lembas, leathern flask, elven cloak, silver belt, sword

Pippen The Captive - With goblin knife, medicine bottle (also has cords tying hands & feet)

Pippen At Orthanc - With pipe, pipe #2, soft wallet, palantir, tobacco pouch, elven cloak, dagger, dagger sheath

Pippen Of Gondor - With hauberk, helm, surcoat, shield, sword, scabbard, silver belt

Pippen Returns Home - With Bilbo pipe #3, tobacco pouch, halbert, helm, surcoat, elven cloak, sword, shield, scabbard, silver belt

Doll Line



Shagrat On The Trail - With orc "medicine" bottle, quiver, 3 arrows, long red knife

Shagrat In Battle - With long red knife, scimitar sword, orc helmet, orc shield

Shagrat The Survivor - With long red knife, black cloth, 3 items from Frodo

Nazul Variants


Nazgul #2 In The Shire - With sword, black cloak, mantle, robe, helm

Nazgul #2 In Battle - With sword, double fork, tiger claw knuckle duster

Nazgul #3 In The Shire - With sword, black cloak, mantle, robe, helm

Nazgul #3 In Battle - With sword, hooked spear, chakram

Nazgul #4 In The Shire - With sword, black cloak, mantle, robe, helm

Nazgul #4 In Battle - With sword, ridge mace, Conan double dagger

Nazgul #5 In The Shire - With sword, black cloak, mantle, robe, helm

Nazgul #5 In Battle - With sword, Islamic sword, bowie dagger



There were three of the rings from the books in gold-colored plastic that were proposed to be made.

The One Ring is master of the other rings and was forged by Sauron. It was to have a glow-in-the-dark wash on it, so that runes would appear on it. It would have the famous verse that is oft-quoted, but it would have been inscribed in Tengwar in the black speech of Mordor as follows:

Ash nazg durbatulűk, ash nazg gimbatul,
Ash nazg thrakatulűk agh burzum ishi krimpatul.

The first line would have been inscribed on the outside while the second would be on the interior.

Narya is the Elven ring of fire, and was originally carried by Círdan (an Elven mariner and shipwright). Círdan gave the ring to Gandalf when the wizard came to Middle Earth, and the ring had the power to strengthen hearts. It was to be set with a red stone and to have the Elvish words for 'ring of fire' inscribed on the inner surface with a red wash.

Vilya is the mightiest of the three rings of the Elves, and was set with a sapphire. The ring was carried by the great Elf Lord

Gil-Galad, but was later given by him to Elrond, who carried it across the sea when he left Middle Earth. The ring was going to be set with a blue stone and would have the Elvish words 'ring of air' inscribed on the inner surface with a blue wash.





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